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its exactly what it sounds like. by trans* people, for trans* people and its so important that this gets popular

if youre trans* and you have room to spare, or if youre in need of a safe place to stay, this just might be a lifesaver







i have an idea in my head where thor is just like. painfully incapable of being cissexist.

like some transphobic reporter asks him abt his sexuality and he’s “i have been…

Hey, other APAs!


I wanted to join the anti-pro-ana community by making my own APA blog, one tailored specifically for LGBTQIA+ ED sufferers, as there don’t seem to be too many tumblr resources made by and for those of us who deal with both eating disorder and queer issues. 

I was wondering if some of you more established bloggers would mind reblogging this for your followers to see. I’d really like to join you and bring some intersectionality to APAC. :)

a queer-friendly space for any of you guys dealing with eating disorders!


somebody put this on a fucking t shirt


somebody put this on a fucking t shirt





drag queens make me so fucking uncomfortable. men dressing up as women for comedy and entertainment makes me so fucking uncomfortable.

You are far from alone on this one.

I feel very uneasy about it for two major reasons.

(Slurs used ahead)

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It really does hurt…I can’t stand drag culture. I don’t have a problem with individuals who crossdress—there’s nothing wrong with that—but drag performance and drag culture are problematic. 

Drag in itself is men becoming a caricature of women for shits and giggles, it’s heavily problematic. And the culture—the ideas they hold where transwomen are beholden to drag queens for “leading the charge” as it were…it gives people like RuPaul an excuse to openly abuse transwomen. 

Many drag queen don’t even understand what it is to be trans, a RuPaul once said there’s no difference between us save for “Money and a good surgeon”.

I used to not care about drag, in theory there’s nothing wrong with it—but until it’s seperated from its misogynistic and transphobic element, which may be impossible, it’s gonna continue to trigger trans*people and just generally make us uncomfortable.

Someone once pointed out to me that drag culture essentially plays nice with he patriarchy to be accepted, and punches down at transwomen in the form of humor they use. Just like white, cisgendered gay culture is all about assimilating—they throw the T in LGBTQA under the bus in order to do so.

Comparing typical drag to FtM drag—where women dress up as caricatures of masculinity for similar reasons—comedy and entertainment—that is a form of “Punching up” at the patriarchy—mocking the people in power. 

Humor should ALWAYS punch up, if it must punch at all. Humor that mocks oppressed groups reinforces that oppression in the hearts and minds of people. Humor that mocks oppressive groups serves to dismantle the systems whereby that group—either intentionally or inadvertently—maintain power in society over other people.

I’m gonna close out MY two cents by saying that the other day, when I had to go down the street for food, there was a street fair. One of the clown was in drag.

The other clowns were amusing—but that clown made me uncomfortable, and I was seriously worried for my safety. There was nothing funny about that clown—the only joke “HUR HUR BOY IN A DRESS!”—which is no joke at all. And the fact that he held the idea in such contempt so as to think it’s ridiculous and funny—it made me worried he’d hurt me as he walked by.

That’s why trans*people often have a problem with drag . It makes us feel UNSAFE.

I had an incident very recently where I attended a trans pride with my girlfriend only to be confronted mere moments inside the village, by a drag comedian who started telling jokes using the T word.

I was inside a space designed to be safe for me, and I felt the most unsafe there during my entire visit. I suddenly felt that this space had been invaded by drag acts seeking to assimilate it at the expense of every trans woman who was there.

At least the rest of the day got better.


Of course “‘Luci’ doesn’t have a dick”… Because the entities of the Abrahamic pantheon are mostly (canonically) gender neutral, androgynous, or completely genderless. The masculine genderization of the Abrahamic Pantheon is almost explicitly a Christian product and little such explicit genderization/ masculinization of the Abrahamic pantheon exists outside of the Christian denominations.

I don’t know why this is hard to grasp for Tumblr.

Here is a resource post for trans women!